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Isle De Coco

Health isn’t just a farmer’s wealth—it is also that of the families they feed. It’s what puts food not just on their family’s tables but also on ours. Without a doubt, the well-being of all farmers directly impacts that of the entire nation.

Yet due to the prohibitive costs of doctor consultations, hospitalization, and medicine, farmers are often unable to safeguard their own health. Lacking funds, many continue to toil despite illness and seek medical attention only during dire emergencies.

To help alleviate this situation, Primex conducts regular medical, dental, and eye exam missions for its communities. This drive aims to provide farmers with much-needed preventive health measures, as opposed to curative ones. In addition, the initiative aims to provide medical assistance to farmers not just in nearby towns but in remote areas as well. To further sustain healthcare services to the farming communities, Primex is currently establishing a list of nearby doctors that each farmer (including their family members) may visit for check-ups, consultations, and medical supplies.

Primex does its part to promote the welfare of agricultural workers, in the hopes that they will continue to provide for themselves and for millions of Filipinos.


 2017 Medical & Dental Missions
 2018 Medical & Dental Missions
 2019 Medical & Dental Missions – Bicol
 2019 Medical & Dental Missions – Davao
 2019 Medical & Dental Missions – Quezon

Primex Isle De Coco Foundation and Charity

is the social responsibility arm of Primex Group of Companies.


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