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Isle De Coco

Farmers have among the most difficult and labor-intensive jobs in country: they work to feed and provide raw materials for a burgeoning nation of more than 103 million Filipinos. They find themselves at the mercy of severe weather conditions such as typhoons and monsoon rains. They are also exposed to additional environmental dangers such as accidents and snake bites as they work in their farms. Despite these risks, they are not often accorded the support and provisions needed to maintain their safety and well-being.

To support their livelihood, Isle de Coco has endowed Organic Coconut Farmers with essential gear. Their initiative, Project Kalinga, has provided farming and harvesting implements, including axes, kawit, (steel hooks attached to long bamboo sticks used to cut coconuts from the trees) and tapasan (dehusking tool). The project also promotes their safety by providing appropriate gear, such as rain coats and boots.

The foundation continues to make the well-being and productivity of our farmers as a primary concern. In so doing, it hopes to accord due importance to this pillar of economic growth.


 2017 Raincoats and Boots Distribution
 2018 Kawit Distribution
 2019 Boots Distribution

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