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Raincoats Distribution
Albay & Sorsogon

The Foundation distributed raincoats to Organic Coconut Farmers in Albay & Sorsogon, ahead of the inevitable typhoons borne by the rainy season. While such simple gear can easily be taken for granted, the raincoats are a lifeline for farmers who have to toil regardless of rain or shine. Light and waterproof, the raincoats’ bright colors allow them to be visible even during a heavy downpour.

“We’re very happy to be given our own gear for bad weather,” says a farmer. “We’re always afraid of falling sick when working in the rain, but these raincoats will help protect us.”

Raincoats Distribution
Quezon, Camarines Norte & Sur

For farmers, raincoats are vital to safety and productivity, particularly when the rainy season brings its expected showers and thunderstorms. Raincoats allow them to travel and work despite wet weather, and cuts the risk of illness due to exposure.

As such, the foundation distributed raincoats to Organic Coconut farmers in Quezon, Camarines Norte & Camarines Sur. Made from resilient material, these coats are designed to keep its wearers warm and dry, while still remaining visible even in inclement weather

Boots Distribution
Albay & Sorsogon

Boots are necessities to an Organic Coconut Farmer. Apart from shielding a worker’s feet from water and mud, it also gives added protection from snakes, insects and disease. These boots donated to the Organic Coconut Farmers in Bicol will go a long way in sustaining their health, safety and livelihood despite the incoming rainy season.

 “We’re very thankful,” states the farming community leader. “The boots protect our feet when we go through the tall grass and mud. Our farmers are no longer afraid of getting accidentally bitten by snakes.”

Boots Distribution
Quezon, Camarines Norte & Camarines Sur

For Organic Coconut Farmers, walking through mud and tall grass is a typical part of their working day. Yet this opens them up to hidden risks, such as snakes, insects and disease. Seeing the need to help preserve the health and safety of farmers, the Foundation returned to Quezon, Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur to distribute sturdy, protective rubber boots to farmers.

“We appreciate how Primex cares for our safety,” relates one of the farmers. “I used to come home with bites, cuts and bruises after working in the fields all day. Now my feet are protected.”

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