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Isle De Coco

It is no secret that, despite their industry, farmers must make do with meager resources. Earning an average of less than P200 (US$4) a day, they spend most of their income on providing food for their family. Much of their basic non-food needs, such as medicine and education, are often left by the wayside.

As such, even minor accidents can be devastating for farmers. Just a few days’ worth of recovery can wreak havoc on their finances. They may end up borrowing money from friends and relatives. At worst, they may borrow from middlemen at exorbitant rates, putting their family deep into debt.

To mitigate this risk, our foundation endowed our Organic Coconut Farmers with accident insurance grants. Provided by the Primex Isle de Coco Foundation and Charity, Inc., these policies include benefits for hospitalization, injuries, accidental death and burial. Accident insurance provides a much-needed financial safety net for the farmers, allowing them peace of mind even during the most unfortunate and dire situations.


 2017 Accident Insurance Grants
 2019 Accident Insurance Grants

Primex Isle De Coco Foundation and Charity

is the social responsibility arm of Primex Group of Companies.


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